making your own custom e-bike battery is now a whole lot easier

Vrezund reveal their successor to their custom DIY battery kit. Building off their first iteration, the second kit up the specs to be used in higher power applications such as electric bikes skateboards.

Using similar components and configuration as the first model, the kit allows you to build your own battery to your specific output and capacity with no soldering at all. It’s like a Lego battery. The caps attach to both ends of the cell and connect the cells together via a connecting bar which is fixed by a nut.

Announced on Kickstarter, the kit now supports up to 20 amps per cell due to the copper alloy spring contacts and pure copper bus bars. Combined with 18650 cells, you can easily make a quality custom juice pack to suit your needs.

For more details and to support the kickstarter, click here.
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