style, function and the latest anti-theft features – the future of commuting

VanMoof have revealed their upcoming Electrified S2 and X2 which will be available later this year as a direct sale or through their Subscription service. Equipped with innovative technology and the anti-theft features, these eBikes are giving us an insight to the future; today.

The street legal electric bikes feature a front 250W/500W motor (depending on your location) powered by a 504Wh Panasonic battery. Expect a range between 60-150km with this setup which is affected by the motor power purchased. Both models feature an aluminium one-size-fits-all frame housing integrated lights and a state of the art display. Like something from the future, these eBikes don’t follow the traditional LCD displays but use their latest ‘Matrix Display’.

Perhaps one of the biggest news from these eBikes is the equipped anti-theft technology. VanMoof has made no compromise by equipping the Electrified S2 and X2 with Stealth Lock. Described by VanMoof as a ‘tiny integrated module (patented by VanMoof) that completely immobilizes the bike and auto-activates the theft defence at the kick or push of a button.’; this feature combined with the integrated alarm system will deter thieves away.

Release date has not been announced yet and there’s no confirmation for an Australian release; but the eBikes will be available to most of Europe, the US, Taiwan and Japan, later this year. For more information, jump on VanMoof’s website.



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