upgrades will allow mastering  ambitious mountain trails more easily

Bosch have announced a series of upgrades for the MY19 Performance Line CX motors. According to Bosch, the new motor and eMTB mode will enable eBikes to master challenging mountain passes and ambitious mountain trails more easily.

With an added gradient sensor, the new walk assistance adapts to the slope and provides power accordingly to reach speed much quicker. Bosch have also responded to riders wanting shorter cranks with the ability for the motor’s progression curve to adapt to the crank length for maximum power and efficiency. This is important as crank length affects the torque and power input to the motor which influenced the power output. However from next year, Bosch Dealers can install 165mm or shorter cranks with the appropriate software.

These upgrades will be available to all MY19 Bosch Performance Line CX eBikes and can be retrofitted to eBikes equipped with the same model from 2016 onwards.



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