Orbea look to claim the lightest e-bike title With new gain carbon

Teased last week on Instagram, Orbea officially reveal the Orbea Gain Carbon. Almost identical to the original model released last year, this update brings a carbon frame and fork, carbon Mavic wheels and possibly a Dura-Ace build. With the Instagram post showing the 11.3kg eBike, it officially takes the title of the world’s lightest electric bike, just coming under Wilier’s 11.9kg of their Cento1 Hybrid. Details have not been confirmed and Orbea haven’t given the official release date with specifications, but expect it to be similar to the original model and release later this year.

In addition the Gain Carbon news, Orbea now offer paint customisation with your bikes including the Gain and Gain Carbon, although it is currently not available in Australia yet. Check out the link for more details and star customising your personal bike.

More information and details to come.





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