it was expected to be another big year for e-bikes at eurobike 2018, and it was yet again!

With the trend and growth in eBikes, it was expected that this year’s Eurobike would be a big one for pedelec riders. Not surprisingly, it was! With huge news from upcoming eMTBs, to accessories and motors, we will round up the trending topics from these past couple of days.

Haibike FLYON

This had to be the biggest news from yesterday, being that one of the most popular eMTB brands announced their Haibike FLYON range. Performance, integration and the future of biking.

Using a TQ HPR120S mid drive motor, the FLYON range offers 120 Nm of torque, making it one of the most powerful street legal motor on the market. To put it into perspective, top of the line Bosch, Shimano or Yamaha motors between 70 to 85 Nm. You will literally “Fly Uphill”. This is thanks to the 48V system Haibike uses along with the top of the line transmission of the TQ motor. The FLYON range will use Haibike’s undisclosed 48V battery with a capacity of 630Wh.

This will power the motor and lights which are integrated into the eBikes. We’ve seen something like this before on Stromer, but not to this extent and on eMTBs.┬áCheck out the bikes from the FLYON range below, and be sure to follow us as we round up the e-biking news from Eurobike 2018.

2019 Haibike

Aside from the FLYON range, Haibike still gave us updates for next year’s models. They will be utilising Yamaha’s Integrated system which features the 500Wh down-tube battery and the new Yamaha eBike Display A side switch. This will be offered alongside their Bosch systems that they have already been using and will differ with models.┬áCheck out the gallery below for the Yamaha equipped Haibikes for next year.

Images via eMTB News


    • Not sure, nothing confirmed as of yet. But I expect it’ll be available next year for Europe. US will probably be a bit later and I think I heard Australia might not see it until 2020.


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