giant look to revamp their e-bike lineup for 2019

Over the past few days, Giant have revealed their eBikes for 2019. With what began with the Women specific Giant LIV Intrigue E+ Pro (featured image from Flow MTB) just a couple days ago, Giant have showcased three new models being the Giant Trance E+, Giant Stance E+ and Giant Fathom E+. As you may know, these models are based off their regular counterparts and show more similarities.

It seems Giant have steered away from a completely new design like they did with the Giant Dirt E+ and Giant Full E+. In all honesty, I thought that when Giant enters the eBike market, they would build off their popular models like other companies have, but at last we have them.

Trance E+

Giant will provide an electric version of the well-known builds and variants, such as Trance E+ 0, Trance E+ 1, Trance E+ 3 and Trance SX E+. In typical Giant fashion, the lower the number, the higher the grade components equipped; however what seems odd is that a Trance E+ 2 build has not been revealed. All Trance E+ eMTBs will be fitted with the same Yamaha Syncdrive Pro motor and a 496Wh battery.

Stance E+

The Stance E+ will be the entry level eMTB fitted with the Yamaha Syncdrive Sport system and 496Wh battery, expect for the Stance E+ 0 build which features the Pro motor.  However the Sport motor is still capable of the 80Nm of torque like it’s Pro variant, but features less of the high performance characteristics which you can find more detail on Giant’s website.

Giant Stance E+ 0 (Source: eMTB News)

Fathom E+

The hardtail favourite gets the electric upgrade as well with a multiple builds and variants as well.

Fathom E+ 1 (Source: eMTB News)

Intrigue E+

Much like the Trance E+, the Intrigue E+ builds off the regular Intrigue which was Women specific, and aims to provide the same considerations but with the added Yamaha Syncdrive Pro motor along with the 496Wh battery. There are two builds available, however Australia will not be receiving the Intrigue E+ 1 as of yet. The Intrigue E+ 2 will land here for $5999.

Intrigue E+ (Source: Flow MTB)

Details & Pricing

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the Trance E+, Fathom E+ and Intrigue E+ are coming to Australia and should be in stores within the next two weeks. No word on the Stance E+ as of yet. 

More details are to come, with full specifications and variants available expected to be confirmed in the coming weeks. The known prices are listed below, but it is subject to change.

Trance E+ 3  $5999 
Trance E+ 1  $6999 
Trance E+ 0  $8999 
Trance SX E+ 3  $8299 
Intrigue E+ 2  $5999 


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