The European Commission have demanded all eBikes to be insured to ride on the road. This law has not been passed but the proposal was put forward last week.

Here is an excerpt:
“The evaluation demonstrated that new types of motor vehicles, such as electric bikes (ebikes), segways, electric scooters etc, already fall within the scope of the Directive as interpreted by the Court of Justice in its case-law. The use of these new types of electric motor vehicles in traffic has the potential to cause accidents whose victims need to be protected and reimbursed swiftly.”

This will obviously affect commuters as it adds additional costs to owning an eBike which most people bought to initially save money and fuel. The rule will not apply to off road electric bikes, but would apply to all eBikes ridden on the road, even if it’s speed limit is below 25km/h.

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Original Source: E-MOUNTAIN BIKE


  1. This is simply a money grab because insurance companies & motor vehicle infrastructure are now seeing potential losses in revenue. Never mind the fact that non e bikes can reach speeds of 60 kms/hr or more so why all of a sudden has it become necessary to insure E bikes with a road speed limit of 25 when the e assist is mostly used for climbing grades. Simply unneeded & unwanted interference. Don’t let them take away another freedom!


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