first of it’s kind in australia. future of e-bikes looks promising

While you were riding at your local trails or still in bed last weekend, something ‘electrifying’ was happening in Tongarra, New South Wales. About 100km South of Sydney, riders were having the time of their life on Australia’s first eMTB specific trail. Ripping the berms like there’s no tomorrow and climbing like there’s no tomorrow, riders brought their powered bikes to participate in a mock race and hang out at Greenvalleys with RideAus and Specialized.

Image courtesy of RideAus

This is the first of it’s kind for Australia, and hints at the future of eBikes. We’re excited, and hope to see this more all around the country. Peep the recap of the video above (credit to AR2 Productions), and also check out Greenvalleys Bike Park and RideAus to stay up to date with upcoming events.


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