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I had the Vallkree electric bikes for a while and washed them quite frequently. So I thought I would make a video to help you Vallkree owners (and eBikers) out there. This is quite general and would apply to most eBikes out there.

In Vallkree’s case, cleaning them is a must! Especially if you ride them on the beach otherwise you’ll end up with damaged paint and rust. The salt water is harsher, so I do recommend cleaning your eBike on the day after your beach ride. If you haven’t already, check out our review of the 2018 Scrambler and 2018 Drifter here.

Step 1. Protect The Vulnerable Components

So these will be the LCD and thumb controller. This will be the same for most eBikes as well. Proect it however you like, but I used glad wrap to cover the parts. You can use plastic bags or ziplock bags, whatever you have, but just make sure that there’s no holes and it can keep the water completely out. Also don’t forget that the Vallkree has a charging port on the bottom. Close this up before cleaning.

Step 2. Hose Down

Now before you start hosing your Vallkree down, you have to understand the techniques. My top tips are to spray downwards, and with not too much pressure like a pressure cleaner. A hose will be more than enough and refrain from the high pressure jet spray attachment. One more tip is that you must never spray directly at the motor, you can spray the derailleur but downwards. Spraying the cassette is a little risky, I recommend only using a brush for that. Once the Vallkree has been sprayed down, wash it like a normal bike with some gentle soap and rinse it. If your motor is dirty and you want it clean, use some rags and fit it through the spokes to wipe it down.


Step 3. Dry The eBike

I used rags for this step, but definitely use an air compressor if you’ve got one or a leaf blower. Just keep your distance so you don’t damage the paint. That’s it! That’s how you clean your Vallkree eBikes.

Hope you guys found that helpful! If you have any questions or you want to share your thoughts, leave a comment down below. You can also watch the video on YouTube and follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well. Let us know what other content you want to see.


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