At First Glance

Right after I unboxed the Gepida Asgard, I could see the attention to detail that has gone into designing and assembling this electric bike.  This is one of the top most colour coordinated ebikes I’ve seen, and the components used are of a pretty high standard.  Obviously, the Bosch performance line mid drive, then you have the Rockshox and the handlebars full of goodies; adjustable shocks, internally routed Shimano hydraulic brake system (Deore) which leaves this looking extremely neat.


With the Gepida being an EU compliant electric bike, it won’t blow your socks off.  But what is will do is deliver very smooth power across all gears.  Not too much, not too little.  It feels very intuitive when you’re riding normally.

The battery is a 500Wh 36V and when I tested it for range I got a pretty decent 62km of pretty easy going commuting, not in turbo mode.  In turbo mode, riding offroad I got about 26km which is still very decent for flat out use!


The Asgard is such a great ebike, well rounded and has some nice finishing touches.  The only gripe I had with it was the pedals sat a little too low for my liking, making turning corners a bit hazardous if one of the then were to catch the ground.

Where can you get one?

UK – Gepida Dealers

AUS – Eurocycles


  1. I bought a Gepida Asgard 1000 two weeks ago. Got caught out in drizzle and a week later rust has appeared in various areas including on the Rocshox. I’m seriously unimpressed and although I was all set to buy one for my wife I’ll be going elsewhere now.

    • Really? That’s really unfortunate. Did you purchase the bike brand new or second hand? Because Aluminium frames (especially from a reputable brand) are quite durable and not prone to rust. They may be susceptible to corrosion, however this is usually prevented by the paint. I’m very interested in what happened to your bike. Possibly contact your retailer for some answers. Please let me know what happens to the bike.
      – Eric @E-Biking Now

  2. I’ve had one of these for the last two years and ridden in all sorts of whether. Aside from needing a new chain and crankset at 2,000k it is as good today as it was when I bought it. Very happy with my purchase.


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