Pretty standard packaging, everything has its place within the box so as to protect it during transport.  What more could you ask for in packaging?


The battery that comes with the Arc Street kit has an energy capacity of 520-watt hours which translates to a very generous 14.5Ah, but that does not mean much if the cells are going to fail.  Thankfully they’ve opted for some of the great 29E Samsung batteries.


While most displays and user control systems do the same thing, it is great that Arc has included a modern looking one.  The C965, with a little Arc logo, looks the goods and achieves consistency in the clean stylings of the kit.


While the website states that it is an Arc branded controller, I know the internals of this one, and I have visited the factory in China where they are manufactured, and it is one of the nicer production facilities for ebike related things I’ve visited.  They also produce controllers for some larger brands that have a high reputation, so I think it was the perfect choice for Arc.


Arc was nice enough to send me over a test bike, an Upland X80.  Pretty standard style of bike, nothing super impressive – But you’ll get a good idea of installing onto your run of the mill bicycle.

Overall the installation went smoothly; you’d be hard pressed to find a kit that doesn’t fit relatively pain-free on almost any bike, so it is no surprise.  One thing I will mention is the extras you get with the Arc Street kit.  They include a rear rack and both styles of throttle (thumb and twist).  I thought that it was a great consideration, I can see these extras coming in handy with many people.


The first thing I noticed about this kit when I took it out for the maiden voyage, the pedal assist is very smooth.  It is always nice to get on a bike that doesn’t jolt forward when you start pedaling.  Great pedal assist and low motor noise make this kit feel super smooth.  To me, this is what a street kit is all about.  You do not want to break the sound barrier or drag cars off at the lights, just some assistance to help fight ‘post ride sweats’ when you arrive at your destination.

It easily assisted me (110kg) up to the 25km/h limit set here in the UK and out of the 3 levels of pedal assist available; I preferred level 2 for a nice casual ride.  This should get you about 90km of range, very impressive!

My test ride from a fully charged battery was around 40km, once completed I stuck the battery on a discharge machine to see how much capacity was left.  Some basic maths and I arrived at around 90km range.


The Arc street kit does exactly what you’d expect while achieving the status of one of the stealthiest kits available.  With a very impressive range stuffed into that low profile battery, it is no wonder why this a favorite in Europe and UK.

If you are looking for a modern, neat and high performing commuting kit, the Arc Street should most definitely on your list, somewhere around the top.



    • Hi Daniel,
      We did mention that you get the throttle in both the twist and thumb throttle. Could you elaborate on what you wanted us to discuss about the throttle?


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