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Fat-E Dragster – Electric Bike Review

This Dragster is from the company cleverly named Fat-E. This is my first bike from them, and straight off the bat I would like to say it looks like a mean machine! I can...

Vallkree Scrambler & Vallkree Drifter Review

https://youtu.be/Oq-H1-DVHQA quality build and comfortable to ride all day long, PLUs jason momoa rides one! Whenever someone hears I ride eBikes, they always seem to be a disappointed when they actually see what I ride. I...

Diavelo PLS5 Review

Hello my fellow e-bikers! This time I've got the PLS5 from the Danish company Diavelo. This casual cruiser retails for $2499 and features a step through design, 250W front hub motor and the basics...

Dillenger Opia Folding E-Bike Review

Travelling to work sometimes requires more than one method of transport. For most of us, it’s driving to work and walking from the parking lot to that desk and seat we see way too...

Merida Big Seven Elite 300 – Shimano Steps – Review

The Merida Big Seven Elite 300 is the complete package, capable of being ridden off-road and still compliant with the EN15194 (road legal) regulations. The Shimano steps mid-drive unit is an awesome torque-sensor motor rated at 250W nominal and 500W peak output power. 


Uhvo Compact Review

Here we have the Uhvo Compact which was just released this year. I was fortunate enough to grab one up for a while and test it out. Its intended use is for mobile commuting,...

Smartmotion E-City Review

Smart phones, smart watches and smart TVs. Everything is smart nowadays. So how does a Smartmotion stack up to these? Well it doesn't. Probably because it's an electric bike. An electric bike that aims...

Powerider Thunder: Electric Bike Review

practical and versatile ,the whole package. mid drive, hydraulic brakes, 14ah samsung cell battery. what more could you ask for? The Bike We can all agree that the price of living has gone up, so when...

Fat-E Mini Review

Before I begin, I would like to mention that you’ll have to watch the video review if you want to get the full experience with the puns.Let's begin!It must be fate that I have...

Ezee Forza City Edition Review

Today we have the Ezee Forza City Edition. This is based off the Forza Hybrid, where the City Edition builds on its older brother and features some minor design changes to suit the city...