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Electric Skateboard Review

Black Hawk Electric Street Board V2 Review

Black Hawk Electric Street Board V2 uses hub motors, separating it from belt drive systems electric skateboards used in Boosted and Evolve. It’s sleeker, weighs less, and doesn’t need a belt which does mean less maintenance.

General Motors Reveal Their Own eBike

Two General Motors eBikes have been revealed earlier this month which feature their own mid drive motor and battery system. No one would've thought General Motors would be one of the early adopters of the e-bike.

Biomega OKO Review

Without me telling you anything and you watching this, you’d think this is a new apple product. But it’s not, this here is the Biomega OKO. All the way from Denmark, the OKO comes as a unique carbon fiber eBike with a minimalistic design.

Intense Tazer eMTB – Teasers of the Prototype

Intense Cycles might be releasing their own eMTB called the Intense Tazer. Owner Jeff Steber, has been teasing some videos and pictures on his personal Instagram. Nothing has been confirmed, but here's what we know of the prototype so far.

Giant Trance E+ & Giant Stance E+ Revealed

Giant have revealed their eBikes for 2019 with three new models being the Giant Trance E+, Giant Stance E+ and Giant Fathom E+. As you may know, these models are based off their regular counterparts and show more similarities.

2019 Husqvarna eBike First Look: New Downhill eMTB, 630Wh Battery & More Travel!

For 2019, the Swedesh group look to refine their Husqvarna eBike design and really focus on working around the drive system, whilst adding two new models. There has been a rise in downhill eBikes and Husqvarna look keen to jump on the train with their Husqvarna EXC 10 that features a whopping 200mm of travel.

Haibike FLYON Revealed at Eurobike 2018: 48V, 120 Nm of Torque and Street Legal

The Haibike FLYON range had to be the biggest news from yesterday, being that one of the most popular eMTB brands haved moved away from the traditional Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha or Brose motor for something a little closer to home. Performance with integrated lights and new app design, the FLYON is the biggest update Haibike have made. However Haibike will still produce Bosch and Yamaha equipped eMTB for next year. More details to come.

Bianchi Aria Electric Road Bike Revealed

Bianchi have revealed their latest eBike the Bianchi Aria eRoad featuring a EBIKEMOTION system. Surprisingly this isn't their first electric road bike with their first being the Impulso eRoad which was revealed late last year.

Pinarello NYTRO Now Available

Revealed late last year, the NYTRO was originally released in Europe with no confirmation on an expanded release. However Australia will officially receive them in limited numbers with a suggested retail price of $11,999.

New Orbea Gain Carbon: World’s Lightest eBike

Teased last week on Instagram, Orbea officially reveal the Orbea Gain Carbon. Almost identical to the original model released last year, this update brings a carbon frame and fork, carbon Mavic wheels and possibly a Dura-Ace build.

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