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SRAM NX Eagle Revealed: eMTB Ready

SRAM have shown off their latest addition to the Eagle family. Undoubtedly the most affordable 12-speed option to date, the NX shares technology with the XX1, X01 and GX Eagle ecosystem whilst separating itself from the other groups by being eMTB ready.

Focus Paralane² Revealed: 13kg BOOST Electric Road Bike

After a year of teasing, Focus' Project Y has become a reality with the Focus Paralane². Showcased last year at Eurobike, the eRoad bike features a carbon frame and lightweight Fazua system to achieve at 13.1kg weight, claiming the world's lightest mid drive eRoad bike.

EVOC FR Trail E-Ride 20L: Ultimate E-MTB Backpack

EVOC have released an eBike dedicated backpack. Designed to hold all the essentials and a spare battery, the EVOC FR Trail E-Ride is perfect for those eMTB riders looking for the ultimate backpack to take on short or extended rides. This was shared a couple months ago, however news has come forward that Australia will officially receive them in September.

VanMoof Reveal Electrified S2 and Electrified X2: The Future of Commuting

The VanMoof Electrified S2 and X2 have been revealed which will be available later this year as a direct sale or through their Subscription service. Equipped with innovative technology and the anti-theft features, these eBikes are giving us an insight to the future; today.

European Commission Demands Insurance For All eBikes

The European Commission have demanded all eBikes to be insured to ride on the road. This law has not been passed but the proposal was put forward last week. 

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